We develop the Sustainable TPEs

At United Soft Plastics, it is our philosophy to meet and exceed the expectation of our customers.

Based on our philosophy and our objectives, our staff is committed to supplying you with the best service in our industry. Not only in the aspect of day to day business but also by helping you with any kind of question in regards to TPE materials and their processing. We consistently expand our product portfolio and information resources to ensure continued customer satisfaction.

Customers’ Care Objectives

Create A Culture Of Customer Focus

Creating Rapport And Building Loyalty

Achieving Customer Satisfaction

30+Countries served
12000+Production Capacity (in metric tons)
500+Number of Clients
20+Asia Region Workforce

It is the quality policy of United Soft Plastics to design, fabricate, market, distribute, and service products that are in total compliance to requirements and with consistently high quality such that they will reliably perform their intended function and meet all customer expectations.

All of our products will be consistent with the public good, meet all applicable laws and regulations, and will demonstrate to every potential customer that United Soft Plastics is indeed…


“New technologies used by United Soft Plastics, furthermore assure a high economic efficiency. Uniform product quality, on time delivery, and reliable supply at competitive pricing are our customers expectations. These demands are the drivers behind the USP philosophy of excellence in every aspect of our operations.”


-Rudi Herbst, Founder