Our Technologies
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Our Technologies

What we're good at

Our technologies and skill

In the entire chain of polyester, both USP Plastic and its business partner Point Plastic S.r.l. can offer solution to the industry such as:

  • Process and engineering support
  • For Injection molding and performs production
    • Enhancement of barrier properties,
    • Processability (antistatic, colour ketchup etc..)
  • BOPET Films
  • C-PET trays
  • PET Straps
  • 100% reused of PET Recycling

Extrusion for sheet production:

A-PET formulation

Enhancement of O2 and CO2 barrier properties

Enhancement of heat stability up to 120°C (hot filling, pasteurization, sterilization)

Enhancement of heat sealability

Increase of intrinsic viscosity for a better processability

Increase flexibility (elongation)

Maximize the scraps usage

Extrusion for PET foam boards for industrial application

PET foam sheet for packaging application

Full formulation package

Packaging application:

Down to 0,08 gr/cc density by direct gas injection;

Heat resistance up to 200°c

Cold touch

Ductile behavior at -20°c

Technical application

Down to 0,055 gr/cc density by direct gas injection;

Fire proof (M1/ F1)

Superior elongation

Good thermo-mechanical properties

Fine cell size

A new break-true solution is now available in the field of A-PET trays application when higher thermal stability is needed in combination with transparency and recyclability.



The product has been designed to increase the thermal stability of PET that is actually around 75/78°c to +100°c. That improvement will allow us to use the product in application areas that are today covered by PS or PP. The solution will allow us to increase the thermal stability at a glance according to every need in order to optimize cost vs performance. An increase of 3 or 5 or more degrees Celsius is possible without over-engineering the final tray.



The solution can be implemented in every A/B/A coextrusion A-PET line without any additional investment and the final product will look like a standard A-PET as transparency but with final superior thermal properties. This technology can be applied also on semi-expanded PET and in both cases, no slowdown in thermoforming capacity will be detected.



High, Medium, and low-density PET foam for packaging application. Tremendous development in those areas has been performed in the last year using always gas as Nitrogen, CO2, or hydrocarbons as a blowing agent. Many industrial lines are already in operation producing steadily those products over the world. Low-density barrier PS tray substitution, rigid PS substitution, PP substitution, or carton substitution are the main target for such products in application areas such us: MAP (modified atmospheric package (meat), dairy (yogurt or fresh product), the light package (fruit, mushrooms, vegetables). Cost advantage and recyclability vs traditional package in PS and PP are today some of the reasons to choose PET Foam as an alternative to existing mature packaging solutions mainly produced in expanded or rigid PS.



Of course, the replacement of solid C-PET is a perfect application for the medium, and high density expanded PET foam. The use of R-PET or flakes as raw material, the recyclability, and the lightweight renders this product very attractive from LCA standpoint and far ahead from any other packaging solution present today on the market.